IN PICS: Southern California Mammoth Wildfires

IN PICS: Southern California Mammoth Wildfires

09:26 AM

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Southern California is prone to wildfires. But looking at the previous year data, the event during this time of December is uncommon.

The major reason of these rapidly spreading wildfires could be attributed to the dry conditions across the region along with Santa Ana winds. These winds are a commonly prevail in Southern California between October and March. The heat embedded in these wind wrecks destruction throughout the region, for instance knocking down trees and power lines, dries out vegetation, making it easier to burn.

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Moreover, these winds additionally transport blazes that spread fire from place to place. According to scientists, at least four major fire events took place in scattered locations across Ventura and Los Angeles, which led to the evacuation of thousands from the region.

The Thomas Fire in Ventura, about 60 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles has proven to be the biggest blaze so far, burning at least 96,000 acres.

Scientists strongly held a belief that Californians should expect a spike in wildfires in the coming decades as temperature would continue to rise.

Here we bring to you some of the horrendous pictures of the Southern California Wildfires:











IMAGE CREDIT: Los Angeles Times