Spring storm to batter Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Michigan

Spring storm to batter Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Michigan

07:02 PM

Spring Storm in Michigan, Dakota, Wisconsin

A major storm lies ahead which is expected to target Central United States. This storm is expected to disrupt travel in wake of inclement weather conditions around the middle of the week.

After first sweeping through Desert Southwest and Rocky Mountains, the storm is expected to strengthen across Central United States around Wednesday and Thursday. This activity would bring in damaging winds tagged with heavy snow, heavy downpours etc.

South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan will be affected by this spring storm. The contrasting air masses, i.e. southern parts from Texas is pushing warmer air and cooler air from the Canadian region is responsible for raising the levels of instability. These systems have the potential to bring down the temperatures from mid 20s to sub-zeros.

Experts have to say that snow will be heavy and wet in nature, making it difficult to remove from driveways and sidewalks. With winds strengthening around the storm, blizzard conditions would be a sight.

The storm’s final stop would be across the Northeast adjoining Atlantic region. New York, Boston, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania would be lashed by rain and thunderstorm by the later part of this week.

Around 200 million people in the U.S. lie in the path of this intense spring storm. As per the exact track of the storm, snow could even extend as far as south as Kansas. The southernmost counties might miss the brunt of this storm.

Image Credit: ABC News

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