Italy under threat; heavy rain expected

Italy under threat; heavy rain expected

05:14 PM

Flood in franceDeadly floods that battered Morocco last week have now lashed southeastern France as torrential downpour continued over the weekend.

Devastating floods swept France as more than 100 mm of rainfall was observed within 24 hours in several parts of France.

The week long storm and flooding also resulted in mini tornadoes leaving 3,000 people homeless in southern France. Flash floods not only uprooted trees but brought life to a standstill as public transport was suspended and airports were closed.

Heavy rainfall that continued for a week also resulted in mudslides. The rising water levels are considered worse than floods in 1999, when 35 people were killed in the same region.

Till midweek, the storm is expected to slowly move ahead and give heavy rainfall to Italy and the Balkan Peninsula.