Life-threatening floods hit Philippines, Madagascar

Life-threatening floods hit Philippines, Madagascar

01:08 PM

4Torrential rains and high winds continue to batter Madagascar, Philippines and La Reunion as tropical storms battered the cities during the past weekend.

Tropical storm Mekkhala made landfall in northern Samar Island, Philippines on Saturday and is likely to continue bringing heavy rain to eastern Luzon throughout Monday.

Even though media reports claim that Mekkhala has weakened into a tropical depression and will weaken further, the threat of flooding due to heavy rain cannot be ruled out till Tuesday.

Tropical Storm Chedza

In another tropical storm, Madagascar faces the wrath of flood fury as almost 80,000 residents have been displaced due to Tropical storm Chedza. The storm swept through Madagascar on Friday and Saturday.

Tropical Cyclone Bansi

Tropical Cyclone Bansi in the South Indian Ocean which peaked as a Category 4 storm with 150 mph winds two separate times, on January 13 and on January 16. Bansi grazed the French island of La Reunion, narrowly escaping Madagascar. Due to its steep volcanic terrain, La Reunion is notoriously famous for its heavy incredible rains received from tropical cyclones.