Massive iceberg near Canada shore: sightseer's dream, shipper's nightmare

Massive iceberg near Canada shore: sightseer's dream, shipper's nightmare

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Several icebergs near the eastern shore of the Avalon Peninsula became a scene to spectate in Canada's top tourist spot, Newfoundland. A massive piece of ice was stuck in shallow water near the Ferryland coast. The icy wonders if moved into the coastal water, like those of Ferryland will result in its melting.

The reason for the warmer environment of the south is the iceberg that persists on all sides. This warm environment causes the melting of the iceberg above the water line. Moreover, the warm water is melting away the ice from beneath.

The nearby future seems to give the upcoming Avalon iceberg hunters some amazing and spectacular opportunities due to the below freezing level water temperatures and somewhat similar temperature of the air.

As per Ferryland’s Mayor, the iceberg is huge enough to give some multiple wonderful clicks to people. Though, the alarming situation would be for the shipping industry.

Interestingly, the waters of the shipping alleyways close to the Grand Banks at this time of the year gets crowded with approx. 80 icebergs. However, the U.S. Coast Guard International Ice Patrol, which was launched after Titanic sank claims at present there are about 481 icebergs in the region which are most common in late May or initial June.

Moreover, as per the International Ice Patrol, the number of icebergs affecting North Atlantic shipping lanes this year could reach up to 687 by the late September. The Canadian Coast Guard ice bulletin also raised warning against unusual ice presence.

The floating icebergs have different philosophies but climate change and winds are considered to be the prime reason.

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