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Mysterious floating city appears over China

October 20, 2015 12:03 PM |

They’re calling it ‘Fata Morgana’, a type of mirage that warps objects far away. But people in China are siding with conspiracy theorists on this one. A mysterious floating cityscape appears over Jiangxi and Foshan out of nowhere and a believable explanation is yet to come forward.

However, waving aside the air of mystery surrounding the event, there seems to be a widespread consensus on the mirage story as well. This meteorological phenomenon causes the light from skyscrapers to be reflected in a way that the structures appear to be higher than usual.

Meanwhile conspiracy theorists have reason to believe that the event was in fact a part of NASA’s top secret ‘Project Blue Beam’ which is about establishing a New Age religion using sophisticated hologram technique.

The entire episode has been recorded on camera and the videos have gone viral. This amazing (seemingly) meteorological phenomenon takes place when the sun heats up a layer of the atmosphere with the layer below it remaining cooler. This causes refraction of light which gives birth to a mirage.

The giant city spotted in China is being viewed as a mirage by weather experts and scientists. But netizens continue to fuel theories, logical and illogical both, as the mystery city conundrum deepens.

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