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Nepal earthquake causes cracks and holes in Mt. Everest

March 28, 2016 1:16 PM |

Everest-Base-Camp61Mount Everest and its surrounding areas have been scarred by cracks and holes. This is due to the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal last year in April and killed around 9000 people across Nepal. This has been reported by a specialist team responsible for maintaining the climbing route of Everest.

There were two massive earthquakes in April and May along with numerous aftershocks last year and this has caused some damage in the Everest region. So far, there have been more than 440 aftershocks of magnitude four or more that have struck Nepal after the two massive earthquakes last year.

The icefall doctors are Sherpa mountaineers who are responsible for repairing the climbing route on Mt. Everest, and  fixing the ladders and ropes. They have reported that due to cracks and holes along the slopes of the mountain they have to fix more this time. This year there is a requirement of 10 doctors as opposed to a usual of six to fix the ropes and install aluminum ladders. Due to the cracks and holes the time required to mend the ropes and ladders will be more than usual, says a report of NDTV.

Due to the delay in fixing the ropes and ladders, the climbers who have already reached the base camp are yet to start their ascent towards the peak.

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