New York Braces for Record Breaking Snowfall

New York Braces for Record Breaking Snowfall

03:34 PM

New York Braces for Record SnowfallAfter overcoming the winter storm Iola, parts of United States, specifically New York is gearing up for another winter storm 'Juno'. Millions in the North East are preparing for the winter storm which also has the potential for blizzard like conditions. Nearly 28 million people come under the blizzard zone, and travel will be severely affected due to the upcoming weather extremities.

The blizzard like conditions will be fuelled by the low level jet stream which will dip close to New England on Tuesday, causing persistent winds of 40 – 50 mph and going up to 75 mph in gusts. These winds will create huge waves of 25–30 feet along the East Coast of Cape Cod and about 10–12 feet high on the coastal areas including Long Island, New York. Storm surge of 2-4 feet is likely to occur all along the coast from Maryland to Maine. Snowfall ranging from 1-6 inches is expected in areas from Midwest to Mid Atlantic.

According to the National Weather Service, 18–24 inches of snow is expected in New York and 20–30 inches in Boston & Providence. The NWS has also issued a warning of life threatening blizzard in North East area. 76 cms of snow and winds up to 80 kmph is expected in New York. The city had observed record breaking snowfall of 68 cms in February, 2006, which may be broken in the next 48 hours.

Nearly 3000 flights have been cancelled, New York & Boston are the worst affected. Virtually, all the flights have been cancelled at La Guardia airport & significant flight cancellations are expected at the J.F. Kennedy Airport. Amtrak has also cancelled trains running between New York and Boston. Also, trains travelling on the routes of Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts and New York State have been cancelled for the time being.

In Boston, a state of emergency has been declared. Public schools will remain closed on January 27 and 28. Airlines have shut down all East Coast operations. People have been advised to not plan any road travel in the affected areas till Wednesday. Power will also remain affected during the days of the storm.