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Northeast USA all set for an Arctic freeze

February 9, 2015 5:58 PM |

USA_IMAGEA blast of cold air will deliver coldest weather of the season in Northeast USA. This is going to be very cold with maximum temperatures settling in the teens and the minimums recording in single digits. The arctic freeze is to start on Thursday. The arctic air will create wind chill which will be bitingly cold and 15-30°F lower than the ambient air temperature.

Friday may be the worst as areas from Baltimore to Boston through Detroit will bear the brunt of the freeze and some places in Northern New England may not reach even 0°F on Friday. Lowest temperatures are expected in the area stretching from Western New York to coastal New England. Night temperatures may go down as low as -20°F. New York will observe single digit temperatures, while Boston will experience sub-zero temperatures.

The worst of this freeze will be observed in Canada with Northern Quebec and Ontario likely to experience below 0°F (-18°C) minimums for several days. This initial blast of Arctic air will be followed by another intrusion of Arctic air,  which will make this cold spell a prolonged one keeping temperatures below 10°F for a few days in New England.

Towards the weekend a Nor’easter is likely to develop off the coast of New England. If this Nor’easter does materialize it will bring few feet of snow in New England including Boston area. This will add to feet of snow which was earlier experienced in Boston and Massachusetts.

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