Orionid meteors to delight passersby in US as it peaks later this week

Orionid meteors to delight passersby in US as it peaks later this week

01:01 PM

Orinoid Meteor

Orionid meteors will shoot across the night sky as the shower is set to peak late this week. The Orionid meteor shower is a moderate shower that creates about 25 meteors per hour on the peak night.

As per weather experts, the Orionids are one of the top five meteor showers of the year and bring the best chance to see a shooting star since the Perseids meteor shower in August.

It's predicted that there will be meteor shower on the night of October 21 and will continue well into the morning of October 22. However, it might be difficult to view due to the cloud cover, and the shining moon, full bright.

People in many areas in the eastern United States will not be able to see the Orionid meteor shower on the night at it peaks as a cold sheet will spread the clouds and rain over the region. Clouds will also result in poor visibility across the Northwest Pacific as the meteor shower moves into the region.

The best viewing conditions this year will be across the Plains and Southwest United States.

Occasionally, the Orionids produce fireballs, meteors that shine extremely bright for a few quick seconds before fading away.

The trick to seeing a meteor shower is finding an unhindered view where viewing is seamless and as much of the sky is possible to the naked eye. Dark areas in the countryside and parks away from city lights are best.

Image Credit: wearewildness.com