Potential Typhoon Khanun to hit Southern China, deluged Northern Vietnam

Potential Typhoon Khanun to hit Southern China, deluged Northern Vietnam

11:36 AM

Storm Khanun post

The tropical storm Khanun has finally formed and is likely to gain more momentum and hit Southern China and deluged Northern Vietnam during the late weekend.

This system is anticipated to cross Northern Philippines through Friday morning (local time) and then further brace over the warm waters of the South China Sea through the weekend.

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As per weathermen, conditions are seen conducive for the storm to intensify into a typhoon before hitting China on Sunday. In wake of this, heavy showers are expected along with flash flooding and landslides. Moreover, strong winds that are capable of causing power outages are also likely.

The outer areas that come along the path of the storm such as the mainland coast of China including Hong Kong are also expected to witness heavy rains, isolated flash flooding and strong winds. Coastal inundation also cannot be ruled out.

Khanun is not foreseen to gain strength of a typhoon before it reaches Northern Vietnam, but the system will add up to the fury of the flood disaster that has already unfolded this week due to Tropical Depression 23W.

The tropical storm is expected to pour hefty rains on the same places that were strangled by Tropical Depression 23W. Consequently, the situation over the region will worsen with flooding and landslides, threating lives and property to a great extent. Rivers are likely to further rise when the storm moves through, which could result in intense landslides damaging roads and bridges.

Therefore, the residents of the concerned region are highly recommended to stay aware and prepare themselves for the possible evacuations.