Rain and thundershowers to continue in Bangladesh

April 28, 2015 1:53 PM |

bang rainWith spotty heavy rain in past 24 hours, several parts of Bangladesh have recorded more than 100 mm of rain. The cyclonic circulation over the region, coupled with an anticyclone over the Bay of Bengal has resulted in the heavy rain over the country.

Bangladesh has subtropical monsoon climate. There are typically three seasons firstly summers which are hot and humid from March to June, secondly a cool and rainy monsoon from June to October and lastly a cool and dry winter from October to March. Bangladesh is low-lying country and is vulnerable to floods. Bangladesh is a country which has been affected by floods frequently especially during the monsoon season. Bangladesh remains under constant threat of floods and cyclones. Most parts of the country record 2000 mm of rainfall on an average. Sometimes Bangladesh receives around 4000 mm amount of rainfall in the entire year. Around 80 percent of the rainfall of the entire year occurs during the monsoon season.

The weather outlook for the next 24 hours is that the intensity of rainfall will increase and thereafter will reduce. So, the people in this region will experience a wet spell.

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