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Severe weather across the globe

June 5, 2015 3:05 PM |

Global weatherThere have been numerous incidents of severe weather across the globe. Some of them are as follows:

Heat moving northward through France

The heat that was built up in Spain will be moving northward towards France, Germany and England. The day temperatures will be in the 30s across much of the region. The temperatures might be too hot to handle in the region. The heat is coming from the area where places have been recording temperatures in the 30s and few places in southern Spain have been recording temperatures close to 40°C. Warm and humid air moving over cooler region of France, Germany and England it could lead to thunderstorms and these thunderstorms could lead to heavy downpours in the region.

Floods in Ghana leads to fire

The capital city of Ghana was shut down by floods that were caused by moderate rainfall on Wednesday. It was because of floods that some people had taken refuge in a gas station. The gas station exploded due to the floods and burned people alive inside it. According to local authorities as many as 150 people have died.

Hurricane Blanca weakens

Hurricane Blanca has weakened to a category 2 hurricane with maximum sustained wind speed around 160 kmph. The hurricane is centered around 700 km south of Manzanillo, Mexico. Blanca is currently moving northwestward at a speed of around 12 kmph. The swells from the hurricane are creating rough sea conditions for the southwestern coast of Mexico. The hurricane would continue to weaken as it moves to the northern latitudes and over cooler waters.

Dunedin, New Zealand struck by unprecedented floods

The city of Dunedin in New Zealand has been struck by unprecedented floods. The floods have been the worst in the last 100 years. The floods were caused by heavy downpours amounting to almost 125 mm over the last two days. Around 30 houses have been flooded out of which four are in serious condition. A total of 17 roads has been closed because of flooding and landslides. The stormy weather will ease up in the next few days providing the people in the city relief.

Heat to continue in UAE and Saudi Arabia

The heat across UAE and Saudi Arabia which has been affecting the region is to continue for the next few days. On Tuesday the temperatures rose above 50°C. The highest temperature of 50.5°C was recorded in Sweihan near Al Ain. In few areas the temperature reached 50°C as early as 11 am local time. Similar conditions where temperatures between 45°C and 49°C are expected for the next few days. The people have been advised not to venture outdoors and stay hydrated.

Salvage operations to run for the sunk boat in China

It’s time to salvage the remains of the capsized boat which killed almost 450 people in China Sea. The chances of any person alive found are very slim. However, there are question marks as to how the boat sank and the crew members were able to escape timely. This is the worst shipping disaster to occur in the last 60 years in the region.

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