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Forecast of rain in Australia, snowstorms in USA

January 9, 2015 6:58 PM |

Severe weather conditions are being observed across the globe, particularly in Australia, USA, Middle East, United Kingdom and Europe.

While people in USA will get relief from severe cold wave conditions, parts of Middle East will be lashed by heavy rain and snow. Here is a look at the weather forecast for these places:


Adelaide which was suffering from bushfires, now prepares for the highest rainfall received since 1974. In South Australia, a couple of stations have already recorded 100 mm of rain in the last 24 hours. More rain is likely in next 48 hours.


Midwest and eastern parts of USA will get some relief from extreme cold weather as day temperatures will rise to settle around 20°F. In the northeastern parts of USA, a new storm starting from Western Canada will move across the Northern States before the end of the week. This system will cause light snowfall in the region. This storm will affect areas from New York to New England and Buffalo to Boston. It can also cause a blanket of snow on the roads of Washington DC and Baltimore.

Middle East

Yet another spell of snow is on the cards for Turkey and the city of Jerusalem during this weekend as abnormally cold air remains stagnant over these areas. Snow showers are expected in eastern parts of Turkey on Friday. Chillingly cold rain will sweep across the coastline of southeastern Mediterranean sea as well. Sleet is likely across Israel, Jordan and Syria. The higher reaches of Jerusalem may receive one to three inches of snow on Friday.

Europe and UK

Hurricane force winds have caused severe travel disruptions and widespread power outages in thousands of homes and offices in Scotland. Around 75,000 homes are still without power as very strong gusty winds blowing at a speed of 160 Kmph affected the country.

The met office has issued warnings regarding strong winds, heavy rain and icy conditions on Sunday. Fourteen flood alerts and ten flood warnings have been issued. However, there are no severe flood warnings. This storm will weaken as it moves eastwards but strong winds sustaining speed of more than 65 Kmph will affect Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic and Poland on Friday.

Following this in quick succession, the second storm will bring strong winds to Ireland, United Kingdom and northern France. The storm will travel eastwards across southern Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Baltic states. The average wind speed will be 55 Kmph gusting up to 100 kmph along the coastal areas of Northern Scotland, coastline of North Sea and the Baltic Sea.



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