Severe wind chill in Midwest US closes schools, wind chill readings around -40 degrees in parts

February 14, 2020 7:07 PM |

Wind chill midwest

The upper Midwest of United States saw wind chill increase to dangerous levels as temperatures plummeted. Moreover, kids remained at home instead of going to school and many businesses were also closed. Warning for wind chill was in place for parts of North Dakota and Minnesota wherein the wind chill readings were over 40 below zero in some areas.

National Weather Service has requested people to not spend a lot of time outdoors as even 10 minutes of exposed skin could cause frostbites. Reports have even stated a death due to the cold as a body of an 80 year old was found close to the assisted living centre where he lived. The wind chill dropped to -26 degrees during that time.

Meanwhile, in Fosston, Minnesota, the coldest wind chill reading was 48 degrees below. Classes were cancelled due to extreme wintry conditions. Nebraska long with Iowa also had schools, businesses and other centres opening really late as temperatures plummeted 10-20 degrees below the normal levels. Wind chill advisories were in place for South Dakota, Montana, North Missouri and Wisconsin.

As per weathermen, some relief from the biting cold conditions is expected in the upper during the weekend. This will be because of cold air likely to be pushed towards Ohio Valley, New England and Great Lakes region.

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