Significant snow in Queensland after 2015 causes warnings in Australia

June 4, 2019 4:23 PM |

Australia Weather

Eastern Australia has been observing icy conditions, with snow to regions as north as subtropical Queensland. Australia's Bureau of Meteorology depicted it as an "uncommon" even, taking note that the state had not experienced good snowfall since 2015.

Severe weather alerts have additionally been issued for a 1,000km (620 miles) stretch of coast includes Sydney. Individuals have been asked to remain inside in the midst of strong winds and heavy rains.

Snow in Queensland, driven by colder air from the south, was an irregular event in a state with a sub-tropical to tropical climate.

Snowfall was observed close to the town of Stanthorpe, 220km south-west of Brisbane. The town recorded near frigid temperatures on Tuesday.

Up to 5cm of snow additionally covered the Blue Mountains regions, west of Sydney, provoking closure of roads as well as warnings. Strong winds were blowing to the tune of 90 kmph along the coast of New South Wales. Travel delays are also possible due to inclement weather conditions.

Coastal activities including surfing are to be avoided due to rough sea conditions. Sydney Harbor ferry services were likewise suspended because of rough conditions.

June denotes the start of winter in Australia. The country has quite recently encountered its most sizzling summer on record and inclement weather conditions including floods, droughts and bushfires.

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