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Snow to accumulate in most of the UK this week

February 6, 2018 11:56 AM |


Most areas of the United Kingdom is expected to be under wintry conditions by Tuesday evening. Kent and Essex are already witnessing wintry weather conditions. As per the Met Department, the cold air front is likely to bring in a band of rain and snow to North-west Scotland and Northern Ireland. This will, in turn, dip the temperatures of much of Britain to as low as -11 degrees Celsius on Wednesday.

The UK Met Office has also released a map showcasing how the band of rain coming from the Atlantic will hit the UK and turn into snow as temperatures drop dramatically. According to the map, the snow would cover parts of eastern England on Tuesday.

The wintry showers along with hail, sleet and snow would also cover a few western areas through Tuesday and Wednesday.


Until at least the next week, this cold snap is predicted to grip parts of Britain, with the milder weather not arriving until the middle of the following week.

In the wake of this, a ‘yellow warning’ has been issued for the East Midlands, east and northeast England and Yorkshire, Humber, impacting Scotland, and Wales.

Moreover, the daytime high in London could also remain between 3°C and 4°C, plunging to below zero degrees overnight in the coming days. The capital city may witness cold bone-chilling weather with very light sunny spells and a chance of flurries of snow.

Furthermore, the Met Office claims this to be one of the coldest winter weeks so far. Because of the unsettled weather, some 70 short-haul flights to and from London's Heathrow Airport stood canceled on Monday, with 10 more being scrapped on Tuesday.

Snow accumulations in Scotland and Northern Ireland are expected to remain between 1cm and 3cm by Monday morning, with hilly areas even seeing up to 5cm of snow. Thereafter, a frosty week is expected throughout the UK.

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