Southern US to face high risk of tornadoes and floods

November 28, 2016 11:46 AM |

US Tornado

A storm is likely to approach Central United States. This system is expected to bring severe weather conditions over southeastern states during Monday afternoon.

Strong winds, snow and heavy rain may affect most of northern and Central Plains reaching southward up to the Gulf Coast.

Eastern Texas, Southern Arkansas, and most of Louisiana are reputed for having severe thunderstorms, capable of producing tornadoes during the fall or early spring.

A few tornadoes, hail and damaging gusts will linger over the region during the afternoon on Monday. Though, a series of widespread tornadoes are not expected, but a few could spin up.

The most probable region for tornadoes will be across Northern Louisiana.

Residents are advised to stay updated and alert of any sudden changes in the weather during Monday and into Monday evening.

Shreveport and Texarkana should keep a watch on the sky on Monday.

These thunderstorms could produce heavy gusts, with torrential rain and potential flash floods. Low-lying and poor drainage areas will be inundated with water.

At high speeds, roads will be slippery. Drivers need to be aware of minimum visibility in areas of heavy rainfall.

Strong southerly winds ahead of the storms will make containment efforts a bit difficult earlier on Monday. However, these winds are  expected to finish smoke emanating out of the Interior South.

Rain and thundershowers will also be beneficial to areas experiencing severe drought conditions and will move through the burning areas on Monday night, which may be extensive enough to supplement wildfire containment efforts.

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