Monsoon Rain to reduce in Bangladesh

June 18, 2015 12:27 PM |

Rain to reduce over BangladeshSince the past one week, most parts of Bangladesh were observing heavy to very heavy rain. On June 13, Monsoon covered most parts of the country. These heavy rains also caused major interruptions in the one-off test match that was played between India and Bangladesh.

Bangladesh receives major amount of its annual rainfall during Monsoon. Most areas of the country are at a lower altitude that makes them prone to flooding. Usually, during Monsoon, almost two-thirds of the country’s area gets submerged in water.

For the next three days, rainfall activity in Bangladesh is expected to reduce significantly. Parts of the country which were previously receiving heavy rains will now observe scattered rain. This is because of a low pressure area that has developed over west-central Bay of Bengal.

Southerly winds which were earlier causing heavy rain in the region will now turn towards the low pressure area. This will decrease the moisture over both Bangladesh and Northeast Indian states leading to a reduced rainfall activity. However, light scattered rain will continue till June 22.

From June 23 onwards, rainfall activity over Bangladesh will once again gain strength since the low pressure area will move towards the west. Southerly winds will again start increasing the moisture levels leading to rain in the region.

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