Storm Kalmaegi to become Typhoon soon, to affect North Phillipines

November 18, 2019 1:07 PM |

Storm Kalmaegi

Storm Kalmaegi has been a different storm, already hanging around in the vicinity of Pacific Ocean with quite a slow and sluggish movement for the past four days. However, now, the storm is finally closing in over extreme northern parts of Philippines, at the moment, still about 350 km northeast of Manila.

The storm is a very slow moving one and is also expected to get a Typhoon status very soon, which is in the next 12 hours or so. At that time, the system will be around the extreme northern part of Philippines and will retain the Typhoon Status for a while.

The system will take a slight indifferent movement from there and move southwestwards. Usually, storms that do not follow a poleward movement, and go equatorward, they start to weaken. Kalmaegi, after making landfall over extreme northern part of Philippines will take 12 hours to cross the belt of Philippines, and follow a southwestward movement, further weakening into a Tropical storm. After this, it will emerge in the South China Sea as a tropical storm and will continue to weaken.

There are currently just two storms in the ocean, one of which is Fengshen, which is also a different storm, and has been making loops in the West Pacific Ocean, far away from the landmass.

Image Credit: JTWC

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