Storm Usman wreaks havoc in Philippines, kills scores

Storm Usman wreaks havoc in Philippines, kills scores

05:28 PM

Usman 1Storm season usually lasts until the month of November, in the pacific. However, there is no official end date for the storm, a few storms even come up during the beginning of the month of December. However, during the end of the month of December or the beginning of January, storms usually do not come up.

Regardless of that, there was a storm which did appear in the Philippines around New Years’ eve. The storm was a tropical depression which was locally named as Usman. The storm brought with it torrential rains which resulted in massive flooding and triggered landslides as well. Moreover, the system managed to move through and through from east to west, crossing Central Philippines.

While the winds were not very strong and were only around 60-70 kmph, Usman was a slow moving system which was the reason for so much destruction in and around the region.

Talking about the casualties, as per the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management agency, at least 75 people had died with 12 people being injured. Moreover, at least 16 people remain missing from Bicol and Eastern Visayas.

Around 2 lakh people have been affected, with power outages in several parts. Along with this, scores of houses have been damaged and dozens have been destroyed. Several travelers as well as tourists have been stranded at seaports, train stations, bus terminals and airports after various modes of transport were cancelled.

No, the system is over South China Sea and is likely to further move to the Gulf of Thailand as a low-pressure area. In fact, chances are that the system might enter North Andaman Sea around January 4 and 5, resulting in rainfall activity over some parts of South India as well.

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