Super Blue Blood Moon 2018: Once in decades celestial event for stargazers

Super Blue Blood Moon 2018: Once in decades celestial event for stargazers

10:59 AM

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A rare celestial phenomenon is likely to occur after a span of 150 years, today, i.e., on January 31. Scientists are of the view that a lunar trilogy would be witnessed wherein a Supermoon, a Blue Moon and a lunar eclipse will occur.

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This very rare phenomenon is expected to take place alongside a Blood Moon, which will form when the Moon will be under the shadow of the Earth at the time of the lunar eclipse. It will be a treat to eyes for the stargazers right from Moscow across Sydney up to Washington DC.

According to NASA, residents of the United States will be able to see the celestial trifecta before sunrise on Wednesday. For areas which lie further east like the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Russia, Australia and New Zealand would witness the super blue blood moon during moonrise during the evening of January 31.

The eclipse will begin at 9.51pm (IST) in Sydney, Australia, while New Zealand will be treated with the same on Wednesday night, i.e., 11pm (IST). Shanghai will see the rare occurrence at 6 pm (IST) while Moscow is expected to observed the terrific skyshow at 1 pm (IST).

The lunar eclipse will only be entirely visible to people in the east of Asia and the west of the US while rest of the world will get to see just a chunk of it.

Talking about India, northeast region of the country will be the first to witness the event at 4:21 pm (IST). The Super blue blood moon will be visible for the rest of India between 5:18 pm and 6:21 pm (IST). From the west coast up to parts of Rajasthan, the celestial phenomenon will be observed between 6:21 pm and 7:37 pm (IST).

Cities such as Thiruvananthapuram and Chennai have been preparing for this rare event so that they can be a spectator of this once in a century event.

Image Credit: consciousreminder.com