Typhoon Haima makes second landfall in China

Typhoon Haima makes second landfall in China

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Oct 22, 2016 12:30 PM


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Tropical storm Haima has gained further strength, intensifying into a super typhoon equivalent to Category 5 hurricane. The system is likely to make a landfall in Luzon town of Northern Philippines by late Wednesday or by Thursday.

This is the second consecutive typhoon to batter the island nation in span of mere four days. Prior to this, typhoon Sarika had hammered Manila as a Category 4 storm on Sunday, killing four people.

At present, Haima is centered around 555 kilometers east-northeast of the capital city of Manila.

The system has already triggered torrential rains and squally winds gusting up to 270 kmph over the coastal areas. With this, threat of landslides and flash floods looms large over the hilly region of the northern island of Luzon.

Weather conditions are still favourable for its further and rapid intensification. According to the meteorologists, low wind shear along with sea travel will make the system more intense.

At the time of landfall, one can expect damaging winds with flooding rains over several provinces of Philippine. According to local reports, around 2.7 million people are expected to be affected by Haima.

Thereafter, the super typhoon is likely to move in northwest towards Southeast China later this week. It is likely to hit the eastern Guangdong province of China by Friday evening. Weathermen predict that storm will be much weaker by that time but it will still have the potential of triggering flooding rains.

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