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Super typhoon Nuri becomes deepest storm ever

November 10, 2014 2:35 PM |

Cyclonic storm Nuri

November 10, 14:35 (IST) : After attaining the title of superstorm, the super typhoon Nuri has become the deepest extra tropical storm ever. After merging with the polar jet stream it has not come in contact with any land mass therefore, it has not weakened. It still has some distance to travel before it hits Alaska, however the chances of the system to weaken is low. As and when this system hits the main land it will bring the frigid arctic air southwards just like what had happened last year.

There is a small chance that this system will cross Canada, entering Atlantic Ocean and intensifying again.


November 9, 13:40 (IST): Superstorm Nuri in Bering Sea breaks pressure record

Former Super Typhoon Nuri, which has now turned into a Superstorm in Bering Sea, has broken minimum pressure record. The low pressure area recorded a pressure of 924 millibars, making it the strongest low-pressure system ever observed in or near Alaska since October 25, 1977, when a 925 millibar pressure was recorded on a ship docked at Dutch Harbor, Alaska. However, Bering Sea Superstorm is now weakening gradually.

As per reports, the system may also potentially be one of the lowest sea-level barometric pressures ever observed on Earth outside of tropical cyclones and tornadoes.

November 8, 12:40 (IST): Former Super Typhoon Nuri to become hurricane

Former Super Typhoon Nuri is all set to turn into a hurricane and  is presently whipping hurricane face winds in Alaska's Alentian Islands, as well as giant waves in Bering Sea.

Nuri is now being reinforced by Polar Jet and very strong disturbance in mid-latitude belt of westerly winds, which can lead to explosive development. It has the potential to become the strongest ever low pressure system in or around Alaska since October 25, 1977.  

November 6, 15:00 (IST): Nuri on verge of becoming strongest extra tropical storm

Tropical storm Nuri is in the process of becoming extra tropical storm and is presently located 130 NM west-northwestwards of Chichi Jima.

Nuri has now begun its journey in Bering Sea and by early Saturday, it would have travelled 2500 miles into Bering Sea, where it is expected to become one of the strongest storms in that part of the world. The waves may go as high as 80 feet to 100 feet, when it intensifies.

Extra tropical storm, Nuri is then expected to cross Aleutian Islands, which falls in its path. Fortunately, the Island is not densely populated.

November 5, 15:30 (IST) : After super typhoon, Nuri set to become strongest extra tropical storm

Super Typhoon Nuri, which downgraded to the category of a Tropical Cyclone on Monday evening, is now set to become one of the strongest extra tropical storm  and affect Alaska. According to Skymet Meteorology Division in India, Tropical Cyclone Nuri will no more be a threat to any land area.

It will be now move towards Bering Sea in Pacific Ocean, which is west of Alaska. By Friday, the cyclonic storm is expected to interact with a powerful jet stream and strike the western Aleutian Islands. Post which, it will rapidly intensify into a very strong low pressure system in the Pacific Ocean.

November 4, 12:10 (IST): Super Typhoon Nuri in Western Pacific Ocean weakens

After exploding to the category of Super Typhoon, cyclonic storm Nuri has been steadily weakening and now it has been downgraded to the category of a Tropical Cyclone.

Termed as one of the most powerful tropical cyclones of 2014, Nuri is presently located at 21.3°N and a 135°E in Western Pacific Ocean, with the maximum sustained winds of 240 kmph gusting up to 290 kmph.

According to Skymet Meteorology Division in India, the system is now moving in the northeast direction at a speed of 16 kmph and is likely to continue over the ocean for 48 to 72 hours. The estimated central pressure of the system was 910 hpa and the tidal waves can go as high as 36 feet.

Tropical Cyclone Nuri is likely to brush Japan coast but at the moment, it is far from the major land masses.

Nuri became a tropical depression on October 31, which intensified into a tropical storm very quickly. It reached typhoon status on November 1 and intensified into super typhoon on the following day. It had sustained the strength of super typhoon  for almost 36 hours.

As per US military's Joint Typhoon Warning Center, Tropical Cyclone Nuri is the sixth super typhoon of 2014 and the fourth violent typhoon of 2014 on the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) scale.

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