Taiwan gears up for Typhoon Talim, China to witness twin storms

Taiwan gears up for Typhoon Talim, China to witness twin storms

03:35 PM

Taiwan gears up for Typhoon Talim, China to witness twin storms

Typhoon Talim is all set to batter the region of Taiwan soon. Not only this, warnings have been issued to both airlines as well as ships. Talim previously posed a threat to areas in the Taiwan region including Taipei, the national capital.

However, the typhoon has been changing its course and does not seem to be completely predictable in the moment. While the typhoon is likely to make a direct hit towards Taiwan, the storm’s movement has shifted further in a north and east direction. However, the alert issued have not been lowered yet due to the unpredictable movement of the storm.

The determination of schools or financial markets being closed on Thursday will only be made once the direction and the movement of the storm is quite clear.

Two of the largest carriers in Taiwan namely EVA airways and China Airlines, may cancel a few of their international flights in view of the typhoon.

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Meanwhile, Mainland China has been put to alert as Talim may end up making a landfall along Zhejiang Coast as a strong typhoon during the night hours of Thursday. An orange warning has been issued in these areas.

Zhejiang and Fujian along with East China Sea and Taiwan Strait are expected to witness heavy rains along with strong winds lashing the region. Before Talim makes a landfall, it m ay intensify into a super typhoon as well. Thereafter, Talim may make a northeast turn and move towards Japan by Friday.

On the other hand, China is expected to face the wrath of another storm called Doksuri which is a tropical storm as of now. However, the storm is expected to intensify into a typhoon soon. Thus, due to the fury of the twin storm, many areas in China may witness heavy rains along with mudslides, flash floods and landslides.

Image Credit: JTWC