Tropical Storm Veronica hits Port Hedland, lashes Australia with heavy rains

Tropical Storm Veronica hits Port Hedland, lashes Australia with heavy rains

03:04 PM

Tropical Storm Veronica

Veronica is part of twin tropical cyclones hitting Australia. This slow-moving storm almost at a speed of 5 kmph made a landfall today morning and at present is running along the coast. Tropical Cyclone Trevor first slammed into northeastern Northern Territory on Saturday.

Veronica was a Category III storm and subsequently when it came closer to the coast it came down to Category II. On striking Port Hedland, it was of the strength Category I with a wind-speed exceeding 150 kmph. As per the experts, it would continue to move as a Tropical Storm for now. In the past 24 hours, Port Hedland has already recorded 200 mm of rains.

Veronica's movement has slowed significantly since the time it has neared the coast and with due course of time the intensity and spread of rains is expected to shrink. However, areas near and along Veronica's track will be at risk for major flooding and destructive winds. A life-threatening storm surge can inundate coastal communities along the track of Veronica.

At present the surge is because of the spring tide. When the high tides are coupled with storm, more trouble is created. The experts have to say that for another 24 hours, the Tropical Storm, Veronica would continue to move along the coast and eventually it will shift its base into open waters. However, the coming 48 hours still need to be watched out.

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