Typhoon Kalmaegi to make landfall over Luzon, Philippines soon

November 19, 2019 6:25 PM |

Typhoon Kalmaegi

Storm Kalmaegi intensified into a Typhoon but will have a short span as a Typhoon. The system is currently moving towards extreme Northern parts of Philippines, i.e. the Luzon region and will make a landfall there. The system is now closing in. Kalmaegi is a slow moving system and is located almost about 450 km north Northeast of Manila. At least 5000 people have been evacuated ahead of Kalmaegi's appearance.

The system has moved at a speed of less than 5 kmph in the last six hours. However, now it is getting nearer to Luzon and in another 12 hours or so, it will cut across the narrow tip.

Kalmaegi is not expected to spend more than six hours as the region is a narrow one. After it crosses the tip, it will continue moving southwestwards, losing latitude, and thereby losing steam. In fact, Kalmaegi will move over to South China Sea. The system is expected to weaken into a tropical storm. After that also, it will continue to weaken and will dissipate in the sea.

After crossing Luzon, Kalmaegi will remain in the open waters. Any system moving equatorward has a tendency to lose strength and within the next 24 hours, it will weaken into a depression.

Close on heels of this system, another storm will come up in the Pacific Ocean, within 48 hours, east of Philippines. The new storm, will once again move across Philippines.

Image Credit: JTWC

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