Halloween will be the coldest ever for UK this year

Halloween will be the coldest ever for UK this year

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Britain is expected to remain dry this week with plenty of sunshine in view of a strong high pressure. However, freezing temperatures are expected in most parts of the country towards the weekend.

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On the contrary, the north of UK may witness some “wintry showers” as “Arctic air moves down from the north”.

Looking at the temperatures, it would plummet well below average through the weekend after starting off much milder.

During the second half of the week, snow is expected over high ground in Scotland and Northern England. By the end of the week and through the weekend it will be much cooler.

It is anticipated that Britain might see a much colder end to the month of October. November could start with more widespread snowfall.

Mainly dry weather is expected in the south with possibilities of patchy rain and strong winds driving in from the north. Much colder weather accompanied by sunshine and showers is expected from Friday and during the weekend, the cold northerly winds will bring snow to higher ground in the north and perhaps occasionally to low levels in the south also. Night frost may become widespread with icy patches.

The weekend may end on a dry note over several places of the northwest. However, more erratic and at times windy conditions are possible at the end of this month leading into November.

Halloween will be the coldest ever for the UK this year.

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