UK Weather: Rain in Scotland, Ireland, Northwest England; hot weather in South

UK Weather: Rain in Scotland, Ireland, Northwest England; hot weather in South

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UK Rains

The weather over the UK on Wednesday is expected to be unstable. In other words, there will be two different sides to autumn during the morning hours with incessant downpours and strong gales across the northern regions and sky-high temperatures across the South.

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There are chances of unceasing rains across West Scotland, especially over the mountains with light showers in North Ireland and Northwest England.

Northeast England and East Scotland are most likely to be affected by dangerous winds from the southwest direction.

On the contrary, there will be light winds across central and South England, as well as most of Wales. These winds will bring patches of mist throughout the morning, but as the sun will show up conditions will ease.

The mercury levels are set to climb up to 21-22°C across the UK and even reaching the low 20s.

As per weathermen, rains will dwindle for a time, but further oscillation of wet weather would be into the Northern Isles and far northwest of the mainland.

The weather is most expected to remain harsh on Thursday morning as well; however, temperatures will be less chilly than on previous days of the week.

Rainfall activities in far north would ease gradually through the morning, and then drift its way southwards across the rest of Scotland by the afternoon.

In the southern regions, there are prospects of temperatures to range in 23-24°C, with widespread sunshine.

Nevertheless, there is an anticipation of a weather system that would bring in colder air for the weekend; hence turning nights chilly and windy.

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