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January 12, 2015 5:55 PM |

12th January, 2015:

Weather Across the GlobeScotland, Northern Europe, Australia and a few other regions have been experiencing severe weather conditions. While South Australia is likely to receive some unseasonal rain, no extreme weather conditions are expected to persist in some parts of Europe. Let's take a detailed look at the weather conditions across the globe.


Scotland has already been a victim of two storms and a blizzard, which led to power issues. Currently, nearly 8,900 people are without power in the country. Inclement weather conditions are expected to prevail for the next couple of days. United Kingdom and Northern France are expected to be wet and windy. On the other hand, the residents of Germany, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Russia may witness some snowfall.

Finland, Turkey, Austria, and Italy are expected to remain dry with no unlikely weather conditions to prevail in the region. Spain and Portugal will also witness fair weather conditions. Gale force winds are expected to occur in Northern Europe.


Heavy rains in Victoria are expected on Tuesday. Central Australia experienced heavy rains accompanied by floods. However, the floods have subsided and clean up is going on. South Australia is also expected to receive unseasonal rain.


Last weekend, Midwest and North East Texas experienced a pair of storms, which will continue through the Lower Great Lakes to Northern England. This may result in travel disruptions in areas from North Ohio to West New York including Cleveland, Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit, Portland, Maine and New York.

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8th January, 2015:


Rain continues to batter north-western and central Australia. Meanwhile, South Australia is readying itself for record breaking rain. But this record breaking rain is in fact a good news for the region which was affected by widespread bush-fires which have already been contained. These bush-fires will finally be doused, thanks to the lashing rains in the region.


Throughout Thursday, despite continuous sunshine, the temperatures in areas like Brimingham, Alabama, Memphis, Tennessee, Arkansas, and North Carolina to Atlanta are expected to remain below freezing between ie 32°F.

Though the cold air will extend up to the Florida peninsula, temperatures in the region will not reach freezing point. Meanwhile, farther north, the real feel temperatures from Great Lakes to Ohio Valley, New England, and the interior mid-Atlantic will continue to remain well below zero.


The first winter storm of the season has resulted in heavy snow in the Middle East region in countries like Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Turkey including Golan Heights. The thick snow blanket has forced local authorities to close down a number of banks, schools, and even petrol stations.

Meanwhile, in eastern Lebanon, in the Bekaa valley, refugees had to clear snow from their rooftops fearing that the roof may collapse underneath the weight of the snow. A 25 cm of snow forecast has been issued for the region and the conditions are likely to pursue for the next few days.


Spain and Portugal will receive plenty of sunshine including Italy, Turkey, and Greece. Central and Northern Europe will remain windy and unsettled. Meanwhile, passing showers are expected in Northern France while the southern parts of the country will remain dry. Few spells of rain are expected in Czech Republic, Germany, and Belgium.

In addition to this, Switzerland and Austria will experience generally dry and windy conditions. Norway and Sweden will remain dry and snow is expected over Finland and Russia. Poland is expected to receive rain.

7th January, 2015:


A slow-moving tropical low has moved southwest over the Kimberley district causing heavy rain and gusty winds. Starting weekend, there have been widespread rainfalls of 100-to-200mm, especially in the northern region resulting in floods. However, forecast for the next 2-3 days suggests heavier rainfalls over west parts of the Kimberley, as the low will deepen and then move westwards.

Towns such as Derby and Broome will bear the brunt of it with some very heavy falls of 200-400mm are expected in 24-48 hours. It is quite possible that some places might get almost their entire annual average rainfall in just three days.


South Australia continue to fight against the odds to restrain one of the worst fires in decades and weather conditions are making their task even more difficult, as temperatures will remain high with gusty winds through the week are expected, which will be not only unfavourable for containing the fires, but also increasing the threat for additional fires.


Come January, and waves of arctic air flowing from the Midwest to the Northeast and South are not uncommon & something similar will happen in the coming weekend. The blasts of arctic air coming in this week hurt those, unless properly dressed, who have to spend time outdoors either per force or by choice. In addition to the below-average temperatures forecast, Real Feel Temperatures will be 15-30 degrees lower than the actual temperature at times. Real feel temperatures are likely well below zero in the Midwest and Northeast. The cold will cause temperatures to be dangerously low at life-threatening levels. This will elevate the risk of frostbites and hypothermia.


Another storm will move eastward, this time hitting areas farther north with snow from the upper Midwest to New England, on Thursday and into Friday.

As waves of arctic air continue to intrude into north-eastern USA, a new storm originating from western Canada will move across the northern states towards the end of the week. The amount of snow falls from this storm, will depend on the exact track of this fast-moving storm, which is likely to develop over the Canadian Rockies on Wednesday. Generally, storms of this type cause light snowfall, rarely bringing a heavy accumulation mainly because of their fast movement and low moisture content. The best chance of snow getting accumulated and causing travel disruptions is over the upper Great Lakes to New England.

This storm will bring a light to moderate snowfall from North Dakota to central and northern Minnesota, northern Wisconsin, and northern Michigan prior to weekend. Areas from Fargo, North Dakota to Minneapolis, Chicago, and Detroit may just get a whiff of snow.


Plenty of sunshine is expected in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece & Turkey though the areas will remain cold. Windy conditions with some rain is expected in northern France, but dry and sunny conditions will prevail in the south. Cloudy, warm and humid conditions in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and Poland as well. Hazy sunshine is likely in Switzerland but dry and sunny weather is expected in Austria and Hungary. Cloudy overcast conditions with wind & rain are expected in Denmark. Rain and sleet along with wind predicted for the Baltic States. More cloud and some rain will affect Finland. It will become drier after the morning rain across Sweden and conditions will remain mostly dry in Norway, although heavy showers are likely later in the day.


Many parts of the Middle East and Levant countries are having their first taste of winter as cold, chilly weather has engulfed the region with rain, snow and sandstorms. Unusual snow has been observed even at lower levels; which started on Wednesday in northern Israel, Golan Heights and also in higher reaches of Lebanon. Turkish Capital Istanbul experienced snow falling on its major bridges, resulting in travel disruption all across the city. Though heavy snow is uncommon in this region, in December 2013, the heaviest snowfall in 50 years caused widespread disruption. For a change, Israelis and Palestinians were united in their search for food supplies and gas or paraffin heaters. Many stores were ransacked just to get something which might help residents beat the cold and snow.

Lebanon has also seen stormy weather lashing its coasts and the Bekaa Valley, which is home to many refugees from the war in Syria, has been hit by snow. Jordan has also experienced the effects of this winter storm. The capital, Amman, with an average elevation of about 900m can be bitingly cold during these months. On Wednesday afternoon, the temperature was 50°C with a sustained wind speed of 45kmph. This combines to produce a wind chill factor of minus 20°C.

Cold weather is likely to persist across the Middle East over the next couple of days. Colder weather though, without the rain or snow, will be widespread in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In this region, several places will see temperatures drop by as much as 10°C in the next few days with strong gusty winds bringing the threat of sandstorms.

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