Western Pacific more favourable for cyclone formation

Western Pacific more favourable for cyclone formation

11:16 AM

Western Pacific more favourable for cyclone formationNormally, cyclonic storms keep forming around the year in various oceans all across the globe. Two major oceans- the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean- are favourable for the formation fop tropical storms.

However, the number of tropical storms is higher and more violent in the Western Pacific than the Atlantic Ocean. On an average, the number of storms that brew in the Pacific is double than that in the Atlantic.

The reason for this wide gap between the storms is the shape and size of both the oceans. While the Atlantic has large mountain island like Cuba and Hispaniola, the Pacific is free of such landmasses.

As the Pacific is over twice the size of the Atlantic, the tropical storms get more sea travel in the warmer and deep ocean waters which are favourable for the intensification of storms.

The Sahara Desert also acts as a deterrent for Atlantic storms in growing in intensity as the tropical waves bring dry air and dust from the Sahara Desert to the West Atlantic.

In the Pacific, two or more storms develop at a time without bumping each other over land. Just a few weeks ago, Typhoon Chaba had caused massive destruction, right after that Typhoon Songda followed. At present, Typhoon Sarika has been affecting several Asian countries with Typhoon Haima following suit.

Image Credit: cyclone center

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