Winter Storm Echo affects a dozen states in US

December 16, 2015 3:29 PM |

echoWinter storm Echo has been affecting various parts of USA for a while. This storm system has now moved into the Rockies and has caused closure of roads and cancelation of flights in its path. This storm had a major impact on Denver International Airport where around 350 flights were canceled on Tuesday morning. The eastbound I-80 freeway was closed from Rock Springs, Wyoming, to Rawlins on Tuesday morning due to snowy conditions.

The authorities in Northwestern Montana have declared a state of emergency as the melting snow and rain has led to widespread flooding.


Let’s have a look at the impact of Echo on some of the states.


Two areas in Arizona reported at least a foot of snow from Echo. There is a strong possibility that the temperatures will dip to sub-zero levels across the region including Bellemont on Wednesday morning. The traffic was halted completely along the I-17 north of Cape Verde due to bad road conditions.


Two people were killed and two people injured in a car crash in Alameda County on Sunday due to severe weather. Areas close to Donner Peak recorded around 24 inches of snow and was accompanied by strong winds gusting upto 80 kmph on Monday afternoon. Heavy rain triggered a mudslide along the I-5 in Castaic, north of Los Angeles. This led to massive traffic jams with tailback stretching for several kilometers.

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Echo has caused more than a foot of snow in several ski resorts on Tuesday. This has led to travel problems across eastern Colorado including Denver. The Denver International Airport reported more than six inches of snow and this led to more than 350 flight cancelations on Tuesday morning. Most roads across the state were covered with snow and the authorities have advised people to avoid traveling.


Winter storm Echo dumped 26 inches of snow over the higher elevations on Monday. According to police authorities multiple crashes have been reported in the region. This has led to many people getting injured. There were confirmed reports of an avalanche on the Bald Mountains on Monday. Schools Idaho City remained closed on Monday due to the storm.


A state of emergency has been declared by the authorities due to melting snow coupled with rain leading to flooding near Libby and Troy. The storm dumped around two feet of snow in western Montana and led to 90 accidents across the state on Monday. At least 31 inches of snow has been recorded in Jefferson City.


The authorities have declared a snow emergency for the town of Sidney. People in the region have been advised not to travel until the storm has passed.


Several major roads have been closed due to snow, mudslides and downed trees. The situation remains unclear as to when the roads will reopen.


As much as 28 inches of snow was dumped by Echo in the Beehive State. This has made roads hazardous and the officials have advised commuters to stay off the roads. From Monday night to Tuesday morning, around 217 crashes were reported in the region including canyons of Utah, Salt Lake and Davis Counties. More than 10,000 buildings were left without power on Monday morning but the power was restored by Monday evening. This storm is a blessing in disguise as the state has been reeling under drought for more than a year.


More than 10 inches of snow was dumped by Echo across parts of Wyoming and it was enough to close more than a 150 km stretch of the I-80. The I-80 from Rawlins to Cheyenne was closed on Tuesday.

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