Winter storm Nina batters Norway

Winter storm Nina batters Norway

05:31 PM

Frozen power cablesExtreme winter storm 'Nina' has hit the west coast of Norway on January 11, with wind speed of 166 kmph. The hurricane strength winds left over 73,000 household without power. High speed winds had uprooted trees, roofs of infrastructures and scrapped power cables.

According to several weather reports, this winter storm has been strongest in last 20 years. The storm has also affected Agder Counties, which falls in the south of Norway.

Reportedly, storm Nina has caused damage to property and infrastructure along the whole south and west coast, but no casualty was reported.

Till Monday morning around 7500 household in west coast and more than 3000 homes on south coast were still without electricity. As per power companies, people still have to wait for a couple of more days before power is restored.

On Monday Reuters has reported that Norwegian gas export capacity was reduced by around a fifth because of the power outages at major onshore and offshore facilities. Gas export capacity was reduced by a combined 62 million cubic metres (mcm) or about 18% of Norway's overall capacity, with all outages seen ending on Monday, after a winter storm disrupted power supplies.

According to meteorologists, another storm though a feeble one will be hitting Norway by Tuesday. However it will not be as severe as Nina.