With few days left for arrival of Monsoon in India, all eyes turn skyward

May 18, 2019 10:31 AM |

With just a few days left for the Monsoon to make an arrival, the countdown to Southwest Monsoon 2019 has begun.

Monsoon is the prime decider for living and livelihood in an agri-first country like that of India. And truly so, Monsoon governs the fate of its people. The Monsoon season alone contributes to around 70% of the country’s annual rainfall. Thus, its relevance becomes even more as these rains affect agriculture and the economy, directly. A timely monsoon arrival is indeed a big boon.

Before reaching the Indian mainland, Monsoon first marks its attendance over Andaman and Nicobar Islands. As we had forecast earlier, the Monsoon here will make an arrival on May 20.

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From thereon, the Monsoon current takes around 10 days before making onset over Kerala, which is the entry point to India for this four-month long season.

As the Monsoon arrival nears, all eyes are on the southern Peninsula, as thunderstorm activities start building up over the region with rain clouds appearing over the Bay of Bengal. Skymet is already looking out for signs of arrival of the Southwest Monsoon.

Satellite pictures on Friday, showed similar thunderstorm activity building up over parts of the southern Peninsula even as rain clouds hovered over the Andaman Sea and the South-East Bay of Bengal.

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