10 'Naariyal Paani' Benefits You Didn't Know About

10 'Naariyal Paani' Benefits You Didn't Know About

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10 'Naariyal Paani' Benefits You Didn't Know About

It’s scorching summers yet again! How many of you always end up parking your cars near a roadside ‘Naariyal Paani’ vendor and gulp down the coconut water in just a few minutes? Well, most of you, we are pretty sure! Your coconut water is not just tasty but, is also loaded with countless number of health benefits. This magical drink from the tropical green fruit is great for your body. We bring you 10 amazing benefits of Coconut Water.

Prevents Ageing

10 'Naariyal Paani' Benefits You Didn't Know AboutDon’t be surprised! The mighty coconut water does prevent ageing. You may want to ask how? Well, the sweet coconut water contains cytokinins, which is a well-known anti-ageing agent. Cytokinins have an anti-ageing effect on human cells, which prevents them from undergoing any degenerative changes. It’s the new secret passage to youth. Drink Up!

Weight Loss Mantra

10 'Naariyal Paani' Benefits You Didn't Know AboutLooking for a healthy and effective way to lose weight? Well, Naariyal Paani is here to the rescue. It is a natural electrolyte and isotonic beverage, which increases the body’s metabolism. The fat content in coconut water is quite low. So, you can consume a decent quantity without worrying much about the weight.

Great for Hangovers

10 'Naariyal Paani' Benefits You Didn't Know AboutThe next time you drink a little more than you should, make sure you drink a glass of coconut water to settle your stomach. Coconut water will replace the essential electrolytes that usually go out of your body when you urinate or throw up after a drunk night. So, make sure you keep some coconut water handy with you when you are planning to drink it all.

Flawless Skin

10 'Naariyal Paani' Benefits You Didn't Know AboutTired of acne and blemishes on your skin? Well, by simply drinking coconut water you can get rid of them. If you want the effects to be seen much before you actually need it, you can apply it directly on your face. It will not only clear up your skin but also act as a toner. Now you would know why so many beauty products have coconut extracts in them.

Hydrating Element

10 'Naariyal Paani' Benefits You Didn't Know AboutWhen you are dehydrated after a long run or hours of workout, instead of relying on sports and energy drinks to provide the much needed hydration, you could simply drink coconut water. A glass of coconut water contains 294 mg of potassium, and 5 mg of natural sugar as compared to the energy drinks which have half the amount of potassium and over 5 times of sugar. So, the next time you need to hydrate yourself, drink coconut water.

Blood Pressure Reduction

10 'Naariyal Paani' Benefits You Didn't Know AboutIn many cases, when the level of electrolyte is disproportionate, it can result in high blood pressure. Coconut water consists of an adequate supply of electrolytes.  Thus, you can use it as a balancing mechanism. Some people are advised to consume coconut water everyday to foster the balance of electrolytes.

Good for Digestion

10 'Naariyal Paani' Benefits You Didn't Know AboutIf you are looking for a tasty and effective digestive agent, coconut water is the answer. It is not only a digestive tonic but can also be used to treat different ailments including constipation, stomach flu, and dysentery. The bio-active enzymes present in the coconut water improves digestion and helps in food absorption.

Loaded with Nutrients

10 'Naariyal Paani' Benefits You Didn't Know AboutIf you are looking for a beverage which contains all the essential nutrients, look no further than coconut water. Unlike any other drink available in the market, coconut water contains five essential electrolytes present in the human body including magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, and sodium. Coconut water is a safe bet to be consumed by people with various medical conditions.

Good For the Heart

10 'Naariyal Paani' Benefits You Didn't Know AboutCoconut water is rightly called as a heart tonic. It not only strengthens your heart, but also reduces bad cholesterol levels, and prevents the formation of blood clots lowering the risk of heart attack and stroke. It is also good for maintaining your cardiovascular health.

Leads to Blood Circulation Improvement

10 'Naariyal Paani' Benefits You Didn't Know AboutCoconut water improves blood circulation, and in turn benefits diabetic patients. It also prevents complications related to poor blood flow. According to the United Nations, the similarity of coconut water to blood plasma has put it to use for emergency transfusions during wars and disasters. They have been infused into the veins of wounded people and saved several lives.

Make it a habit to drink as much Coconut water as you can. Enjoy your Thirsty Thursday with this delicious thirst quenching drink.