12 Superfoods that Can Transform Your Life

12 Superfoods that Can Transform Your Life

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12 Superfoods to Transform Your Life

It’s Transformation Tuesday again! Try peeping inside your refrigerator. What did you see apart from cheese boxes, butter bars, soft drink bottles? Just a few fruits and veggies, isn’t it? Don’t you think it is high time you started taking your health seriously? Take the plunge and transform your lifestyle. You don’t want to fall sick every third day. We bring you 12 superfoods you must include in your daily life to transform your life.


12 Superfoods that Can Transform Your LifeWalnuts are one of the most effective and healthy superfoods that will not only increase a person’s longevity but also improve the overall health of a person. The mortality risk of a walnut eater is 45% lower than the ones who don’t. It’s time to start eating a handful of nuts every day to stay fit and fine.


12 Superfoods that Can Transform Your LifeLove it or hate it, this superfood can truly transform your life for good. The best way to eat broccoli would be to eat it raw. A cup of broccoli has way more calcium than one glass of milk. And the vitamin C content in Broccoli is more than a citrus fruit. Beneficial minerals and vitamins like Folate, Thiamin, Riboflavin and much more. Make sure to include Broccoli in your daily diet.


12 superfoods You must Eat to Transform Your LifeCoconut water is an excellent source of electrolytes which support hydration and energy. Your blood sugar is balanced and is magical when it comes to losing weight. This superfood, was once a demon but now has rightfully achieved its place as a superfood. With coconut water, oil and the fruit itself, coconut is definitely going to be the next thing.


12 Superfoods that Can Transform Your LifeThe good old beans do not only lower your blood sugar levels and get rid of the bad cholesterol, but are high in proteins and provide the body with the needed amount of fibre. Also known as the perfect food, beans are a great source of nutrition to the body.


12 Superfoods that Can Transform Your LifeAnother essential part of a healthy diet is whole grains. Not only are they low in fat but they contain some essential vitamins and minerals. Also, they contain complex carbohydrates which are great for your body. However, refined grain loses its nutrition content in the process of making them have a longer life. So, you would definitely say a no to the over processed breakfast cereals.


12 Superfoods that Can Transform Your LifeLemon is not just a diet friendly flavor booster. There’s much more to it. This bright coloured superfood is an antioxidant powerhouse. Lemons help in reducing heart diseases, fight cancers and reduce inflammation. So, when life gives you lemons, consume it!

Green Tea

12 Superfoods that Can Transform Your LifeThe Chinese started with the tradition of drinking tea and they made no mistake here. It can alleviate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, can get rid of various infections, and has also proven to kill oral bacteria that cause dental plaque and halitosis (stinky breath).  A cup of green tea will surely make you feel better, no matter how sick you are.


12 Superfoods that Can Transform Your LifeAlmond taste good, are a great snack and are healthier than you thought. These super nuts are high in zinc, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin E and folic acid. They are low in saturated fat and contain phytochemicals that protect your heart from cancers and heart diseases. According to a research, eating almonds 5 days a week reduces the risk of heart attack by 50%. Start munching, won’t you?


12 Superfoods that Can Transform Your LifeNot only are eggs one of the easiest to cook but they are also a great source of protein for the body. They are loaded with potassium, folic acid and vitamins which are necessary for the growth of human eggs. The white and the yolk both have their own nutritional value. As long as you are a diabetic, one egg yolk a day is great for you.


12 Superfoods that Can Transform Your LifePopeye was not wrong to live his life on Spinach. This superfood gives super strength to your body. A cup of spinach contains 20% of the recommended dietary fiber. Also, it helps in digesting other foods as well. Spinach is a great source of roughage and keeps your blood sugar low as well as your body healthy.


12 Superfoods that Can Transform Your LifeSprouts are a nutritional powerhouse and are very rich in vitamins B, C and E. If you look at the calorie count and the fat chart, you will be surprised how healthy sprouts are. Make sure you take your daily dose of sprouts to stay healthy and happy.

Brown Rice

12 Superfoods that Can Transform Your LifeIf you are consuming white rice as part of your daily meal, you need to make the switch. It is way better for the body than anything else. Brown rice, has more magnesium, fibre and selenium. It is best for people who are on their quest to lose weight since it keeps your stomach full for a longer period time.

Transformation Tuesday is all about changing things for good. Go ahead, make sure you try out these superfoods for a great life.