6 Remedies to keep spring allergies at bay

January 8, 2020 10:22 AM |

remedies for spring allergy

Spring is here. And so is sneezing, coughing and other pollen allergies. You may like flowers blooming all around you but beware of the allergies that do not take much time in mushrooming up around you as well. We bring you few simple ways to tackle the pollen or spring allergies.

Shut the windows – Keep your cool and keep it cool.

Simply close the windows and keep out pollen. When staying indoors, avoid using a ceiling fan or any kind of fan so that dust particle or pet hair stay away from whirling andentering your immune system through your nose. Switch on the air conditioner instead.

Stay in when it’s windy out – Pollen travels! So you avoid travelling outdoors.

Minimize your park walk or stay indoors as much as you can. Indulge in numerous indoor- activities to keep yourself busy during the time spent inside.

Stay safe with shades - Eye irritation is one of the most common pollen allergies during the spring season.

To avoid this or minimize the risk of catching eye itchiness, wear sunshades whenever and if stepping out. It’s a great way to protect eyes from prey to pollen allergies. Moreover, if you are experiencing some sort of eye irritation then shades are also a way to shield eyes against the sunlight that could prove harsh to eyes.

Get rid of roaches and rats.

If you have been procrastinating the pest control in your house, then cockroaches and rats in your house have the time for surprise visit. Its apt time to get professional help if cockroaches are common in your house as rodents and cockroaches are cause of indoor allergy symptoms.

Change clothes.

If you have stayed out for long then we suggest that you change your clothes after you come back in order to protect pollens from spreading throughout your home. In fact, during the spring season try to wear clean clothes every day.

Manage the meds.

If you still suffer from eye irritation or sneezing and coughing then do not refrain from visiting the nearest medical store for OTC medicines. Get hold of eye drops or an extra dose of Vitamin C or simple a nasal spray.

Care and cure are the most important factors in the spring season to keep pollen allergies at bay. So go ahead, spring into good health this season.

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