8 Fun ways to eat more fruits

January 23, 2016 11:43 AM |



Fruits are a great way to get nutrition including vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants. They help in keeping us full for a longer time, without giving us a lot of calories. Not to forget that fruits are nature’s treat in the form of quick, natural snack. Then why would you want to stay away from this bountiful basket of flavor? Look up at the following fun ways to eat more crunch and more fruits, every day.

Top them up

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Use frozen or fresh raspberries or blueberries, grapes, chunks of strawberries or any fruits as toppings on your favourite, flavoured yogurt or cereals or crackers in the breakfast. Or even on your cake though watch the calories, peeps!

Pop the Popsicle

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Catch on to the new fad of turning fruits into popsicles. Add the chunks of fresh fruits to fruit juice, freeze them for about 6 hours and there you go folks.

Fruit wraps

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Make a paste of your favourite fruit and turn it into a wrap. Or stuff your regular wraps with fruits.

Smart Smoothie

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Just quickly churn up yogurt, fruits, and granola and voila, you are all set to drink up fruits like banana, strawberry, apple, figs or pears in no time.

Snack on them

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Do hunger pangs strike in the middle of a meeting? Simply snack on fruits. Apple, carrot, watermelon or asparagus will also go along with dip and satiate your needs in no time.

Deep in Dip

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Use them as the chunky salsa or blend well to make a dip for the friend’s night out party you have been planning for a long time.

Hit the Grill

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Pineapple chunks or fig, apple slices. Grill the fruits for that quintessential crunch, flavor and juices in your mouth.

Ice, Ice, Ice-cream

Pic credit: Almashi.in

ice cream

How can we forget the classic form of eating fruits that is still fun to do? Markets are inundated with several flavours of fruit ice creams. If you are little bold, then further add chunks of fruits to the ice- cream scoop you are having.


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