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8 tasty and healthy Holi treats

March 2, 2018 8:30 AM |

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The colorful and tasteful festival of Holi is just here and we know that you can’t wait for those scrumptious Holi treats that are sugarcoated and make you load yourself with extra calories. This Holi let’s try to celebrate it with royal treats coated with healthy bits.


Baked Gujiya

gujia-sl-7-3-2012 CroppedIf you are watching what you eat this Holi, then alter the fried gujiya with baked Gujiya this season. Crisp with goodness of flavours, sugar and other ingredients, baked gujiya will fulfill the purpose of quintessential desert on Holi. If you wish to experiment, you can also go for apple filled baked gujiya.


Oat idli

5Instant to make and rich in carbohydrates, oats idlis are a good way to make your Holi breakfast healthy. Add beans, carrots and peas to go an extra edge when we talk about celebrating the festival of colours. Low in fat, oats are a great way to pump some health with the first meal of the day.


Palak Methi Dumplings

adraki_palak_kebab Cropped (1)If you love lots of green in your diet then nothing like it. Just a little bit of oil and flavor of green chutney enhances the state of this healthy Holi snack.  Abundantly available iron in both palak and methi makes this dish worth replicating on not just festivals but in daily routine too.


Low-cal Thandai

holi-thandai-22222-001 CroppedHoli is incomplete without its staple, Thandai. A glass full of lip-smacking delicacy down your throat can not be altered by any other drink. This year just make it with low fat milk and add honey as the sugar substitute and enjoy the guilt-free drink.


Brown Bread Dahi Vada

Without compromising on taste, bread dahi vada is a healthy way to alter the traditional urad dal vada. High in minerals, iron and calcium, brown bread vada can be prepared in just ten minutes. Top it with tamarind chutney and green chutney and you are all set to eat it to glory.


Orange Kheer  

Call it Orange kheer or orange pudding, this healthier version is a substitute to rice and sugar enriched kheer. Diabetic friendly, this sweet dish will surely satiate your sweet cravings this Holi. Try this traditional Bengali dish and not just impress your family members but guests too.

Lauki Halwa

Lauki or bottle gourd is 98% water and lauki juice is good for treating urinary disorders. Enriched with so much goodness, why won’t you not try it when health of your family members is a top priority? Make a healthy Holi treat of lauki that is high in fiber and do not compromise on health and taste this festival season. Add rose petals, dry fruits of your choice and Voila, you are all set.

Corn Rava Kheer

Wish to lose weight and prevent heart ailments? Nudge the traditional rice and bring in rava and corn to the plate. Low on fat and high in carbohydrate, sooji or rava is an excellent source of providing essential energy.  Corn helps in controlling diabetes and reducing hypertension. Blend the two for a sweet dish and celebrate Holi with no health-related worries.

Wishing you a safe and healthy Holi, let these sweet treats make your celebration enjoyable.




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