Selfish Sunday: Cheat Day, the dos and don’ts

Selfish Sunday: Cheat Day, the dos and don’ts

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Selfish Sunday: Cheat Day, the dos and don’ts

When you decide to take the diet plunge, it is a huge step. Quitting those delightful sugary desserts, staying away from cheesy pizzas and bidding adieu to those French fries bowls, cheese burgers and soft drinks is not an easy job.

However, once you are determined that you have to lose weight or stay healthy, there is no stopping you. You begin with that determination where nothing can even come close to take you away from your diet regime. One day, two days, four days and finally a week passes by and you come out clean.

But then, there comes that one day when all hell breaks loose. You cannot keep yourself away from that Nutella jar or can’t stop that craving for just one slice of pizza. While you may think that giving up everything on one go may have been the key, you are mistaken.

For these low days when nothing seems right, cheat days were invented. You can do all you want during the entire week to keep yourself fit. Meatless food items, weight loss regimes, quitting sugar and fried items, give yourself that one day, your cheat day.

Selfish Sunday: Cheat Day, the dos and don’ts

While some people may think cheat days are not that good an idea, we think that you need to be cut just a little bit of slack. After all, a little bit of something won’t make you gain ten pounds in a day. However, there’s one thing you need to know, do not take undue advantage of your cheat day.

The idea is to reward yourself. So, eat a slice of pizza but go for a wheat base version and a low fat cheese version. Similarly, if you are craving for chocolate, instead of going all out, start with a small portion of dark chocolate.

Cheat days do not give you the liberty to simply forget that you are on a diet regime. The reason you need cheat days in your diet schedule is because a little bit of motivation can help you go a long way. It’s like a reward for the hard work you have done.

All you need to do is make a schedule for your cheat days and stick by it. Also, you need to make sure that whatever you decide to eat, take small portions and don’t get astray from your diet regime. Make a plan and abide by it and you’ll see how the cheat day formula works wonders for you.

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