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Coronavirus (COVID-19) mask online: How to buy a mask that fits well over your face?

September 12, 2020 9:00 AM |

buy Coronavirus mask online

As the world continues to witness a surge in Coronavirus cases, the Indian government has also responded by enforcing mask mandates. The new norms require people to wear a mask in public, especially in places where social distancing is hard to achieve. Alongside, CDC has recommended people across the world to cover their faces with masks, be it a homemade cloth mask or respirators. This has led to an unexpected surge in the demand of Coronavirus mask online and offline.

In response to the mask mandates, renowned brands and even local retailers are selling their take on masks to the public. Although every individual is willing to buy a mask and stay protected, not all know about how to buy the right one for themselves.

You might have also bought a Coronavirus mask online or from some local vendor or street-seller. It is loose-fit, but with a good print on it, and that’s why you want to wear it up whenever you go out in public.

Let’s talk about the importance of a right-fit face cover during this pandemic.

Right Fit and Size of a Mask Matters to Keep You Safe

Visit a local store or a brand’s portal to buy Coronavirus mask online, and you will find a massive collection. The product features are mostly about design, colour, cloth, and wear-ability. Not all mask sellers are talking about the size and fit of masks, knowing which is crucial for protection against this deadly virus.

buy Coronavirus mask online

Try to do this activity with masks at home:

Buy a few masks that fit your face.

- If you buy same masks for your kids like yours, it will hang around their face and sometimes fall off. Thus, offering no benefit of protection.
- Give the same mask to a person having a bigger face than yours, it can be difficult to wear or can create breathability issues.

Doing this will confirm you that mask size indeed matters. It would be best not to get carried away in peer recommendations about buying Coronavirus mask online or through local stores. Instead, you should research thoroughly about the size of a mask before adding it to your lot. At Nirvana Being, we offer Airific in four sizes, which are small, medium, medium-plus, and large, to ensure the right fit.

Mask Buying Tips to Prevent Contracting COVID-19 Disease

1. Look for Masks of Appropriate Size

The one-size-fits-all theory does not work well in connection to face masks. On one hand, loose masks make it easier for pathogens and pollutants in the air to reach your lungs and cause health issues. On the other, you can also infect others if you have contracted viral infections. So, choose a Coronavirus mask online based on the size guide.

2. Check Viral Filtration Efficiency

Wearing a mask does no good if it cannot protect you from viral infections. That is why you must check the viral filtration efficiency of masks before buying. Luckily, you can find some antiviral masks that have an efficiency of above 95% to capture viruses from the air.

3. Consider Breathability

Wearing a mask continuously for a few hours as the new normal is not easy unless it is breathable in quality. Alongside, you should be able to talk properly without facing haze over your glasses. You should consider looking for breathable Coronavirus mask online meant for daily wear.

Good Quality Masks

Make a Difference Wearing Good Quality Masks

If shopping for Coronavirus mask online, you must pay attention to the type of mask and its quality. The filtration efficiency of a mask must be high enough to minimize the risk of Coronavirus infection. A range of effective masks available in India is Airific by Nirvana Being. It is a globally certified antiviral mask made of electrospun nanotech filter that is capable of catching viruses of the size of a few nanometres (up to 0.12 microns). Nanotechnology plays a vital role in designing high-quality masks that can keep you safe during the pandemic.

The need of the hour is to protect yourself and others with the right knowledge as well as good quality personal protective types of equipment. So, keep following social distancing, wash your hands often, and wear the right type of mask to fight the battle against Coronavirus.

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