Eat smart during the exam for great grades

May 30, 2020 11:00 PM |
Best foods to eat during the exam period

The finals week is among the most dreadful periods for college as well as university students. This is the time of the year when all that is significant to students is their grades and more grades. The majority of students undergo numerous revision stages with a few procrastinations. They also choose to hire an expert from a reputable cheap custom writing service to get time to prepare well.

One of the common mistakes that most students during this integral moment is eating in a poor and unhealthy manner. Energy drinks, junk foods, and lots of chocolate are meals they consume to boost their energy levels instead of normal meals. But, little do they know that this is not only detrimental to their lasting health but also impacts their exam performance in a negative manner. Hence, it is crucial to know what to eat before an exam. And, this article strives to elaborate more on the best foods to eat during the exam period.

Most useful breakfast on exam days

According to research, students who ingest breakfast tend to
perform well in their exams. However, most students often find themselves
asking, ‘What should I have for breakfast?’ Well, if you are one of them, you should consider including protein foods such as eggs, milk, or yogurt, and slow-release carbohydrates such as low-sugar muesli or whole-grain bread since they offer slow-release energy.

During the exam period, incorporate a portion of foods rich in long-chain Omega-3 fats like smoked mackerel. These foods contain brain-boosting properties. Hence, it will be easier for you to read and retain a lot of information and remember many things during the exam.

Foods to focus better

Consuming a balanced diet will not only enable you to focus
but also boost your immune system hence preventing your body from contracting any illnesses. No food encompasses all the nutrients. Thus, you need a variety. When going about your duties, try as much as you can not skip any meals. This is because your blood sugar levels will drop and this is not good for you more so when preparing for exams. So, it is crucial that you consume meals that will help increase your focus. Some of the best brain foods for studying include;

Fruits and vegetables: Fruits such as pears, bananas, and apples, and vegetables such as carrots and broccoli contain fibre which helps in slowing down digestion. Thus, this releases energy from foods into the body.

Whole grains: Whole grains such as brown rice, porridge, and whole-grain bread are slow-release carbohydrates that are good for stabilizing your blood sugar levels. Hence, this helps boost your concentration as well as bran power.

Proteins: Seafood and oil-rich fish are meals crucial for concentration as well as brain health.

Water is the main key

One of the most efficient ways of maximizing your concentration is drinking water. Dehydration cannot only result in headaches but also shrank concentration. Additionally, it can lead to lessened alertness and tiredness. Hence, taking a bottle of water with you into the exam room can
come in handy. Water is the primary key to an outstanding performance.

So, remember to have a glass of water when you start your day. This will not only boost your concentration levels but also enable you to stay alert. And, if you have too many tasks to work on within a short duration, consider asking for assistance from essay writing service Canada. Do not burden yourself with working on all tasks and studying. You will not be that productive and this can affect your overall academic performance. Ask for assistance whenever you feel overwhelmed with your assignments. Also, when studying and you find it hard to grasp any content, drink some water or milk. This will help enhance your energy as well as concentration levels thereby making it easier for you to comprehend what you are reading.

What to eat before night’s sleep

Lack of adequate sleep can shake your memory hence slowing down your responses. According to researchers, the memory neurons in charge of converting interim memories into enduring ones are most effective when you are asleep. Getting adequate sleep will enable you to perform better than a student who sleeps for fewer hours. However, you need to eat well before you retire to bed.

Eating full before bedtime does not imply that you should eat heavy meals as this will interfere with your sleep. So, consider having your last meal a few hours before going to bed. After, have something light like porridge before bedtime. Refrain from consuming foods and drinks that
comprise of caffeine before going to bed.

In conclusion, eating healthy before a test will not only help you to focus but also enable you to perform well. Hence, you need to consume a balanced diet regardless of the pressure that comes with studying in the final weeks. Avoid eating junk foods as these will interfere with your concentration levels. Instead, consider the best foods to eat before a test in the above discussion.

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