Five most common ailments of spring season

Five most common ailments of spring season

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The queen of seasons Spring is setting in as winters are on the verge of their end. The sparkling spring begins in the mid of February and lasts until mid-April. During this season, trees put forth new leaves and the weather during this season becomes very pleasant. It’s neither hot nor cold. In fact, the temperature remains at moderate levels.

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However, as they say, all that glitters is not gold. Thus, spring, despite being one of the most beautifully appealing weather brings ailments with it.

Check out the most common ailments which people face during that time and ways to prevent them.



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Allergies are a very common affair during the spring season as the plants and trees are blossoming. During the blooming period, pollen grains from flowers travel with the wind and get stuck in people’s eyes and lungs through the nose. Swelling and mucus production is one of the common things. It causes tearing and redness in the eyes. To avoid these ailments people should cover their face before heading out on a windy day.

Common Cold


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The cold usually occurs in the winter season. However, spring is also a peak time for rhinovirus infection, which leads to common colds. The common cold virus is one of the most transmissible diseases. However, it can be avoided by taking some simple steps like washing hands regularly, staying at a cleaner environment.



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During the springtime, the metabolism of the body is on a higher level hence it produces more hydrochloric acid and gastric juice in the stomach. This leads to the formation of ulcers. Hence, foods that are easily digestible and are not spicy and fried should be taken.



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Spring is a happy season, where people go out and play. Games such as Tennis, Soccer, Golf, Badminton, and Cricket are common. The pleasant weather attracts people to have fun. The common people should prepare themselves for injuries before heading out to the grounds.



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Similarly like allergies, asthma also hikes up during the springtime. The change in the temperatures and pollen grains in the air irritates the nose and lungs. Hence, people who have asthma should avoid going out of the home. They should visit the doctor immediately if they get symptoms or they use the inhaler more than twice a week.

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