Grab a Gola to beat Mumbai's Summer heat

Grab a Gola to beat Mumbai's Summer heat

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Try out Golas to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer has finally barged in into Mumbai, leaving Mumbaikars seek ways and tricks to tackle the scorching heat. While taking a splash in a pool is one such way, experiencing the heaven with icy marvel inside your mouth is another.

What can be a better way to chill in the summer heat of Mumbai with the Indian ice candy? How about the mouthwatering golas this season?

Shaved ice, ice candy, icy golas or chuski, Mumbai streets are inundated with vendors selling the baraf ka gola or the frozen delight. What they have done now is gone a step further.  Right from lemon and ginger to chocolate and dry fruits, icy golas come in numerous flavours that can help you chill under the summer sun in Mumbai. We bring you some interesting new flavours that Aamchi Mumbai has come up with.

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Did you hear chocolate? You heard it right. We are talking about a delightful choco treat. Try out the Chocolate Chip Falooda Gola, which is basically crushed ice mixed with chocolate syrup, condensed milk as well as chocolate syrup. A decent amount of choco chips as toppings makes it an even better combination. Another mouthwatering variety is the ice-cream gola. Dollops of ice cream forms the bottom layer of your glass, further, the gola is dipped into it.

Well, if you are one of the health conscious ones, here’s some good news for you guys. Some of these gola stalls use natural flavor and boiled water to make the syrups. Natural fruits and sugar are used to make these mouthwatering gola syrups.

But if you are the one who simply does not eat anything other than your beloved Kala Khatta Gola, then do not keep yourself away from the tangy and tasty gola.

But, of course, how can one forget the classic burst of colours over glistening snow? Yes, we are talking about the orange, pineapple, blueberry, mango, and raspberry golas that are a big hit amongst Mumbaikars and tourists.

So, go ahead and devour those juicy, icy treats. Summer won't stay for long!

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