World Health Day: Manage Type 2 Diabetes with exercise and diet

World Health Day: Manage Type 2 Diabetes with exercise and diet

03:24 PM

World Health Day: Manage your diabetes with exercise and dietWorld Health Day 2016, has been dedicated to diabetes.

As per a new study, people who are at the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes or are already suffering from it should exercise and eat well for better health. Two studies were carried out and presented at the ENDO 2016 which was held in Boston.

As per the research carried out by the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, participants between the age of 65 and 85 were placed under the ‘intensive intervention group’.

Here they performed aerobic exercises for 90 minutes, a diet class once a week and resistance exercises classes thrice a week. These people had a lower body weight.

These participants showed a drastic improvement in terms of fitness levels in six months’ time as compared to participants placed in the contra group.

A second study was performed where 48 obese Type 2 Diabetes suffering participants were selected. All these participants were about 59 years old.

The study was conducted to observe Type 2 Diabetes management after dietary changes. The meal included a large, whey protein rich breakfast, a medium-sized lunch along with a small dinner.

The participants were divided into three groups. While all the groups ate different types of breakfasts, the other two meals were the same.

As per the results, the group which consumed whey protein for breakfast stayed full for a longer period of time as compared to the other two groups who either ate a high protein breakfast or a high carbohydrates breakfast.

The group consuming the whey protein breakfast lost about 7.6 kg. On the other hand, the protein group lost 6.1 kg and the carbohydrate group 3.1 kg.

The most important finding was the ones eating whey protein for breakfast had both lower levels of HbA1C and lower glucose spikes post meals.

Image Credit: medicaldaily.com