Vitamin D: Why the sunshine vitamin is essential for your health

Vitamin D: Why the sunshine vitamin is essential for your health

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Diet and health are closely knitted and a minute overlooking of the first may have a huge impact on the latter. One such element on which your health relies upon is Vitamin D.

Also known as the sunshine vitamin, intake of vitamin D is essential for calcium regulation, healthy bones, and teeth. Also effective for cancer, type 1 diabetes, and multiple sclerosis, vitamin D is basically a pro-hormone and not actually a vitamin.

Vitamin D is fat soluble vitamin which is prominent for ideal health. Only a few foods like fatty fish, organ meats, certain mushrooms and fortified foods contains this vital element. This element of the Vitamin family is not present in much of foods which are the reason why more than half of world’s total population is Vitamin D deficient.

However, the deficiency is easily corrected and all you need to do is spend some time out in the sun. There are no other ways of curtailing down this deficiency apart from the fact that your body produces it on its own when it is directly exposed to sunlight. Thus, sunbathing is health beneficial.

Moreover, Vitamin D deficiency is also associated with obesity and associated health problems. In children, little vitamin D can result in the disease known as rickets or soft or fragile bones. The proper amount of vitamin D in your body also curtail down issues related to headaches, fight depression and immune your body to fight against flu.

On the question of as to how much vitamin D intake will be sufficient, it just a 10 minutes time from your busy and hectic schedule. Just spend 10 minutes under the sun daily and you may fetch ample amount of Vitamin D for the day.

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