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Workout Woes: How to keep going during winters

January 19, 2022 1:00 PM |

Winter Workout

Exercising during the winter months may sound like a tough task, but it isn’t impossible after all. The moment winter sets foot, the snooze button is hit more than ever to avoid those morning workouts. As annoying and challenging it is, working out during the winter months is all the more important. Check out our simple motivational tips to keep you on your feet even when it’s freezing outside.

Take Baby Steps

There is no need to run 5 km on a cold wintry morning. Instead, underestimate yourself during the winter months. If you usually run for 4 km, reduce it to half. The idea is to not completely quit your workout routine. When you get used to working out in the winter season, start increasing the distance. It is best to take baby steps.

Adjust Your Timings

Well, all of us simply love sleeping in late during the winter months. Instead of forcing your body to wake up at 6 in the morning, it is best to delay your exercise routine a bit during winter. This way not only do you get your morning sleep, but you also continue to exercise every day. If you are comfortable with working out in the evening, do that!

New Workout Gear

Well, if nothing motivates you to work out in winter, pamper yourself a little and shop till you drop. Get yourself some new workout gear and get moving. Spending on your workout gear may become a motivation for you to go out and exercise. You could even get yourself a new pair of bright coloured earphones as a part of your winter workout gear.

Change Your Playlist

Well, if music doesn’t motivate you to run an extra km, it may be time to change your playlist. Get some great mixes and some of your favourite numbers to keep you moving even when it is way too cold outside. As they say, “Blast that music and work it out”.

Winter Sports

When it is freezing outside, make sure you take full advantage of the weather and register for some adventurous winter sports. Enjoy hiking, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating. If you have access to a hill station or an area where it snows, give yourself a little holiday and a workout session as well.

Indoor Workout

You do not necessarily have to exercise outside when it’s a little too cold. You can exercise at home using gym equipment if you have any. If not, you could do some sit-ups and push-ups at home. Walking up and down the stairs is another way to exercise at home.

Don’t skip your everyday routine just because it is too cold outside. Think about the holiday weight that will soon come back to haunt you!

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