World Liver Day: 5 ways to strengthen your liver

World Liver Day: 5 ways to strengthen your liver

06:35 PM


The liver is an integral part of the human body. Not only is it involved in a majority of metabolic functions but can also affect the overall body functions.

However, as per the report released by World Health Organization (WHO), in India, deaths due to liver abnormality or liver ailments have reached 2.44% of total deaths in the country.

Though the liver diseases are not only common among people with more alcohol consumption levels but there ae a plenty of non-alcoholic consumers that suffer from liver complications and that is pretty much due to a high Body Mass Index (BMI).

Obese people are 5-10% more hazardous of liver diseases than the non-obese people. To diagnose any liver complications, an abdomen ultrasound along with liver function tests are performed. Work stress too adds on to the liver complications as working professionals are more prone to stress than the non-working professionals.

There are various factors that lead to liver ailments, today on World Liver Day, Skymet gives you 5 ways to strengthen your liver:

Exercise regularly: Regular exercise not only keeps your weight under check but also make sure of a proper blood flow to various body organs including your liver. The circulatory capacity of your liver increases when you exercise regularly.

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