"Most exceptional period of rainfall in 248 years" keeps UK on toes

"Most exceptional period of rainfall in 248 years" keeps UK on toes

07:10 PM

A UK meteorological department report has claimed that the recent severe weather due to storms from the North Atlantic Ocean is not unusual but the prolonged spells of rain and intensity and height of coastal waves makes it the most exceptional period of rainfall in 248 years.

According to a news report published in BBC News, Dame Julia of the centre of Ecology and Hydrology said, "We have records going back to 1766 and we have nothing like this," she said. "We have seen some exceptional weather. We can't say it is unprecedented but it is exceptional."

The report links the recent extreme weather in Europe and North America to "perturbations" in the North Atlantic and Pacific jet streams, partly emanating from changing weather patterns in South East Asia and "associated with higher than normal ocean temperatures in that region.The attribution of these changes to anthropogenic [caused by humans] global warming requires climate models of sufficient resolution to capture storms and their associated rainfall."

South and southwest parts of UK and hills in northern England will continue to witness heavy rains, strong winds and high sea waves during the next 24 hours. Fourteen severe flood warnings remains in place in Berkshire and Surrey, and two in Somerset. Parts of Wales are on “be aware warnings' of rain and snow.


Photograph by David Miller