[Infographic] Winter Skin Care tips

[Infographic] Winter Skin Care tips

12:02 PM

Dry air and chilly weather can really take a toll on soft skin. Cold air outside and heaters indoors strip moisture from our pores, making skin itchy, lifeless and dry. Here are tips to get rid of flaky, irritated and cracked skin this winter season.


While using a sunscreen lotion is a must in winter, opting for an apt moisturiser for your facial skin is equally important. If you have dry skin then make sure that your face cream is extra nourishing.



In order to keep glowing this winter season, stay away from using room heaters or blowers as much as you can.



This visualisation infographic gives you ways to battle dry skin in the winter season.



When using tips to banish dry skin, remember your hands get dry as well. So protect them as well.